What is Docker As VM ?

Docker-As-Vm is a new way of using docker container as a Virtual machine. It is a hybrid approach to bridge both worlds to provide easy access to containers.

What is DockerGUI ?

A tool to bring Docker-As-Vm a reality. A DeskTop Graphical user interface tool for all docker related operations. Docker simplified.

1. One Tool to manage your docker operations with simple mouse clicks
2. Supports Browsing/downloading images from both public and private Docker registry
3. Supports for setting up common Docker server for your developers.
4. One Click upload/download/run/delete/etc images/containers with docker
5. Portable tool and no installation is required

Getting Started

Server Setup

This Section has all the required details about setting up a a shared docker server by using DockerStop tool. It will be shared among the users.

Client Setup

This Section has all the required details about setting up a laptop/desktop to use either a shared docker server or locally installed Boot2Docker.

Registry Server Setup

This section contains details about setting up Docker registry by using DockerStop Tool. It will be used to store Images(work).


To View Some of the DockerGUI screens.


This section has complete documentation about the product.


For Frequently asked Questions.

I like DockerGUI and love to give it a try...